Hocus Pocus & Chill Full Collection

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Ghostest With The Mostest

A fuschia / violet -esque base with orange shimmer, gold & copper sparks and violet/gold shifting pigment.


Practice Safe Hex

A eggplant purple base with gold shimmer and red/green/blue/purple shifting pigment.


If You’ve Got It, Haunt It

A blackened turquoise base with red/purple/orange/pink/blue/gold shifting pigment.


Bugs & Hisses

A olive base with red/orange/yellow large particle shimmer and gold/green/purple/red shifting pigment.


Mischief & Mayhem

A slightly blackened red base with gold/orange/pink/red shifting pigment.


The Boo Crew

A slightly browned reddish-orange base with blue//gold/orange/purple shifting shimmer.


If The Broom Fits, Fly It

A black base with silver holo flakies.


Near Death Ex-FEAR-ience

A violet-blurple holo base with blue/green shifting flakies and blue/green/purple large particle shimmer.


You’re So Boo-tiful To Me

A violet purple base with scattered holo and multiple shifting shimmers.